(My vision long long ago, mind you.) 

  I‘ve embraced technology enough to implement this site and now I find a fairly stressless way to incorporate it into my life. I hope it’s addition to my life can happen somewhat naturally to evolve organically. We’ll see… I hope that, as far as this site goes, it can be a personal way to communicate the things important to me, the things I expect to blossom due to my efforts, the things I am in essence, living for. I’ve been searching for a creative way to tie together some dynamics of my life; the camp/cabin I’ve acquired in VT, my work at Shriner’s Hospital, and my travels. I’m utilizing both an Independent Study, which I still have to complete within my major of Integrative Arts to officially graduate, and this website to provide some cohesion to my projects and carry them out more harmoniously. It’s my hope that they support each other as each one manifests.

   After almost two years struggling to complete a different Independent Study, I felt that I needed to find within myself, a project that rang especially true. I decided to create a blog, a travel blog in the sense that it shares experiences of my life, my journey. I turned to my dreams, my passions, considered the things that I’m really living for, and those in combination with my own experiences and the person I am as a result, the new focus of my Independent Study was revealed. Specifically, my interest aligns with two current aspects of my life, my internship of working with children at Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia and my love and propensity of traveling. I left traveling in March with such energy that I sought to find a creative, positive and productive way to do so more seriously. I’m beginning my blog with a grand adventure! I’ll be taking a road trip across America and expect to be gone about a month, but won’t be coming back, not the same anyway; I anticipate and await the change within myself. It shall be a thrilling journey with not a moment wasted; I intend to document and share my experiences with heightened awareness. I believe all people live on varying scales of both abilities and disabilities, I myself will shed a unique insight on my traveling due to my particular disability of paralysis. Yet the focus of my blog is not my disability, that is part of the adventure. It’s rather on my abilities, despite debilitating circumstances, the endless experiences that await us all. I never feel so alive as when I am traveling and it’s with an Inspired Spine that I travel, with hopes that might inspire others to experience life mindfully, healthy and well, not solely be alive.