Living and loving in these 1,000 worlds for the choosing, it’s in celebration of my freedom that I’ve begun to fully experience others. I wonder at the intricate connection of souls and am honored looking into the eyes of others in realization they are receiving my light. Traveling onward, my heart warmed by the love of family, with two days left on this journey this last locus to be experienced was still to be decided upon. While to finally experience springtime in Washington DC was the plan, the blossoms had not yet begun to unfold there. Intuitively, I belonged elsewhere; new beginnings would be found in Chincoteague, VA.

Thrilling, my adventure here would have to begin with a nap as I arrived thoroughly exhausted from a wild night before. Friends made in Chesapeake would extend their kindness and hospitality offering me a place to stay. We’d play with their Dachshunds on the kitchen table after breakfast. Arriving in Assateague, I’d pull my car up to the beach, open the back hatch, curl into my sleeping bag to be lulled by the sounds of crashing waves and slip into some crazy day dreams for an hour.  I’d wake and admire the dunes and sea birds, the cold breeze rustling the beach grasses, whipping the sand one way and then another. I’d set out exploring on a trail through a marsh, the still clear water perfectly reflecting the white moon hanging high in the brilliant blue sky.



The mirrored reflections only gently disturbed by pairs of wood ducks and an egret fishing late in the day. I’d venture down a 3 mile board walk through maritime forests Oaks, Loblolly Pines, Swamp Roses and spot a little Sika deer. National parks are palimpsests; layered landscapes, within which I normally remain fairly intent on exploring and focused on the moment and experience at hand, but I grew anxious as I’d yet to cross paths with certain creatures.



I’d eventually delight in the presence of wild ponies as I’d encounter a group of 5. Roans, duns, bays and painted ponies, short to the ground, some with sticks and burrs stuck in their tails and a few with varying brands on their rumps. Their stocky little bodies grazing away; munching at the marsh grass. The sounds of their feet trodding the sodden ground, their tails and manes swishing and the birdsong. Just as I approach dogs with certain caution, as being in a wheelchair the potential to spook an animal is greater, it was only a moment before I realized how unfazed they were by mine and other human’s presence. I’d amble along with them and long since have lost other observers. Along with the fading sun, at some point solitude seemed to set in. Hesitancy to head home and face the change I’d insisted upon my life and relationship grew. I’d quiet the fears of both the unknown and the known coming to its end. I felt myself again surrounded by light that I can only perceive as love and from none other than my other selves. My mindful self immersed in the moment; alive and inspired while traveling meandering with both my child self, awakened in a magic place with totemic ponies roaming that’s never left my heart and my higher self, my more cosmically considerate, grandest, most resonant and infinite guide. The sun coppered my face and in its radiance, embracing the energy of this divine spark within myself, I felt aware and empowered by the triad of my spirit.

And suddenly you know. It’s time for something new and trust in the magic of new beginnings.

– Meister Eckhart