On this given day, there was no where else in the world I’d rather have been than driving down the highway with my best friend en route to New Orleans. We’d pull over periodically to gather a roadside bouquet of brilliant reddish-orange flowers and place them in a clear plastic bottle vase.




Cruising through Baton Rouge there was one thing on our radar and while we were unable to find an actual crawfish boil, craw dad’s were still certain to be consumed. Giddy girls waiting in line; we’d show our true naive travellin’ colors inquiring how to properly eat us some crawfish. We’d lay out our white and red table cloth, set out our flowers and in the setting sun of the parking lot enjoy our picnic (Please see photo above for the picnic’s actual, but no less pleasant nature). Is it strange that these lil’ mudbugs are cute to me? Regardless, we’d twist off their lil heads, suck the meat out of their tiny, yet succulent tails and devour these lil’ suckers with a side of sweet corn. Although it’d take us a 1/2 an hour to eat a mere 1/2 lb. of crawfish, we’d ordered too few and just barely satisfied our hunger. Synchronicity overwhelms as a smiling man so generously brought another 1 lb. bag and a 6-pack of Rolling Rock to give to us. I think he was a serial killer, a sweet one though.


It had been a few moons since I was last in New Orleans and serendipitously, we’d find ourselves here on the night of a total eclipse of the Spring equinox sun. Listening to Voodoo 104.1 on the radio, we’d ponder the plans of our evening as if where we’d find probably find ourselves wasn’t already written in the stars. Wontedly, while in New Orleans, one finds themselves on Bourbon St.

In travelling so voraciously allow your soul a moment to catch up, wash up, feel human again. My friend in a super cute little navy-blue dress with hair pinned up and myself adorned in my little beaded vest that shimmers in a city’s night lights and the usual blue jeans with long hair left down, both of us rockin’ boots; We’d be feeling beautiful. I’d abandon shyness and inhibitions about the evening.

There’s a dragon, who every night before he lays down to rest, just before he shuts his tired long lashed eyes, exhaustedly sighs a forceful fiery breath down Bourbon St. igniting the evening’s enlivenment. A heavy sleeper he falls into a dark and dreamless slumber.

A taxi cab would take us to face this dragon, for there’s no other way then to meet such a city’s extremes then head on. It’d take us a moment meandering the madness before we were encapsulated, cautious to not be consumed, by Bourbon St.’s wild energy with winds of debauchery whirling about. The names of the myriad of bars we’d experience drinking gin and tonics in escapes me. We’d meet charming Canadians who we’d share the night with. I’d not be bestowed the cliched shitty plastic Mardi Gras beads, but a rose made from a bar napkin by one. We’d dance, we’d sing, we’d carry on, we’d laugh! There’d be beer spilled on one of my front castors at one point and time and my wheel would totally cease. I would have been that lady, appearing completely wasted, unable to controllably make it down the street in her rickety wheelchair, had it not been for the help of one of our sweet new friends. I’m reminded again why I don’t live near the sea.

Needless to say, the next morning we wouldn’t be feeling our highest vibrational selves. A Waffle House breakfast ordering nearly everything under the sun would be in order and arrive at our table painfully slowwwww. Our orange juices, the first thing we ordered wouldn’t come until with our check. We’d get them to-go on our excursion to find the Air Bnb “shack in the back” (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1890318) of some guy’s yard we’d arranged to stay at. We’d actually wind up sleeping for a couple of hours in my car, struggling to get out of the hot sun and recover. A yerba mate tea and an apple fritter the size of my head from Saint Coffee on St. Claude would serve the pick-me-up necessary. That, along with a stop into a bike shop seeking WD40 for my wheel we’d be ready for our adventures in the Bywater to begin!