If you haven’t noticed already, it’s not solely the destinations while travelling that I adore, but the rivers and roads that guide me there as well.
In exploring the archipelago of the Florida Keys you drive down Overseas Highway or US Route 1; over 42 bridges connecting the islands of essentially, exposed coral reef.

My mother, Renee, and I would enjoy drinks and laughs at Snapper (Mile Marker 94.5) and Big Chill (MM 104) in Key Largo, eventually retreating to a campground to recline the seats of our rental car, even share a blanket and crash. Woken by the sun, we admired the little beach we’d unknowingly slept beside and encounter a cat preying shrewdly upon not a stirring leaf, but a hermit crab. Back on the road, of all the hotel and restaurant rabble and mock tiki bars, nothing quite contends with the seemingly endless sight of sea and sky.
Named after a local environmentalist, Anne’s Beach in Islamorada (MM 73.4) at the right time of day is worthy of pulling off the Overseas. There’s a little boardwalk to drift down which at breaks in the mangroves bestows little secluded coves overlooking the Atlantic. At one such cove I’d meet Chloe, a gorgeous golden retriever and fellow traveler (Studleyofegremont.com is her blog, hysterically). All there was in the world was her fishing; intently focused on the fish in the clear ocean water until an egret would fly by and she’d splash distractedly down the coast.

My mother would be over exploring a washed up man o’ war when I decided that it was here I’d experience the ocean. There’s such a Piscean draw within me to just be enveloped into the sea, but it’s conflicted as not something I can do independently. Even though I wouldn’t swim on this day, I wasn’t settling in my wading in the shallow water, as it was wonderful. Although not necessarily felt, to know that my feet and legs were immersed in the warm clear water was healing.


Engaging in the elemental, interacting with the ocean affects profoundly; the tranquil nature of such experiences is joyous.